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Judy Geeson is an iconic British screen star who made strides on Broadway, television, and films during the ’60s and ’70s. Coming from a lineage of successful entertainers, Geeson began her acting career in 1963 and has been active in the Hollywood industry for over five decades and counting. Judy is best remembered for her role in films such as The Executioner, The Eagle Has LandedFear in the Night, and To Sir, With Love, just to mention a few.

Some of her notable TV shows include The Newcomers, Gilmore Girls, Mad About You, and Poldark, among others. That’s not all, the actress has also appeared in some of the world’s biggest stage productions such as Under the Blue Sky, Henceforward…, The Real Thing, and much more. In recent times, Judy has slowed down in her career due to aging and she now makes occasional appearances in films. There are so many interesting facts to know about this iconic actress which we have gathered for you below.

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The multi-talented Tavon Austin is a pro-American football player associated with the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Drafted by the St. Loius Rams as the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft of 2013, Austin was named to the PFWA All-Rookie team in 2013. He completed his high school career at Dunbar High School in Baltimore and his college career at West Virginia Mountaineers.

During his college career, Austin was named to First-team All-American twice as well as First-team All-Big-12 and First-team All-Big-East teams. In addition, he is a two-time Big East Special Team Player of the Year Winner and Paul Hornung Award winner. Learn more about the star below.

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The ITV game show, The Chase which has been airing since 2009 has given us one of the best chasers in the game history. He is the English television personality, Mark Labbett. Popularly known as The Beast, his imposing size and glaring intelligence, as well as his quick wit, make him a perfect foil for the contestants on the show.

Since he first discovered his interest in quizzing in the 1990s – after several winnings from the quiz machines, the teacher-turned-quizzer has not looked back. He has appeared in several television quiz shows and is a regular in quizzing competitions such as the U.S. and Australian version of The Chase.

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Coming from the University of Central Florida is Latavius Murray, a professional American footballer who plays as a running back in the National Football League. His career has seen him do some exciting things on the field and being that he is young, a lot is still yet to come from this young man. As we follow and watch him play his football all the way to the top, let’s take a look at his biography and see how far he has come to be where he is today.

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Anyone who loves television has probably heard the name, Justine Bateman. She is the actress who played one of the most beloved characters in the history of television, Mallory Katon from the series Family Ties. She is also known for her work as a producer, director, and writer. Her directorial debut, Five Minute, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017, where it received critical acclaim. Some of her most notable works as an actress includes appearances in Californication, The TV Set, Satisfaction, and Desperate Housewives.

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Whether she is singing about love or heartbreak, getting married or divorced, Queen Naija always seems to be in the spotlight for all sorts of reasons, good or bad. The singer cum social media personality has been in the public eye since she tried out for the American Idols show.

Queen is easy on the eyes, with a sultry figure and a sonorous singing voice to go with it. She has also had some well-publicized relationships and is not afraid to talk about them either in interviews or in her music. Some of her most popular songs include “Medicine” and “Butterflies”.

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If you are a fan of the American gospel band called Anthem Lights, then you’d certainly know who Caleb Grimm is. The gospel and rock music artist is best known for being one of the vocalists and keyboardist of the Nashville, Tennessee-based group. Although the group was founded in 2007 with Yellow Cavalier being the original name, it was in 2009 that they changed their name to Anthem Lights. Along with the group, Caleb has launched several chart-topping and commercially successful albums, as well as EPs, and Singles. The group has equally collaborated with other top stars like Alan Powell, Joseph Stamper, and many others.

Beyond music, Caleb Grimm is also a doting father of two children. He runs a YouTube channel dubbed Caleb & Kelsey along with his wife, Kelsey. Their outstanding collaboration has made the lovely couple one of the most fascinating couples out there. Join us as we dig in into Caleb Grimm’s bio, family life, and other facts below.

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